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Our story

Noese is a Portuguese brand, born of a dream to have a kids wear brand inside of a family garment manufacturer. In 2021 this dream came true and took shape in our pieces, created with love from design to production.

At Noese we design bold and timeless clothes launched in small seasonal collections, each piece is ethically sewed in our factory using upcycled fabrics and deadstocks.

In our factory we began to notice that good quality materials were often being wasted or forgotten, so giving them a new life became our mission. Of this idea together with our dream to have a kids wear brand, Noese was born.

And what better example could we give our kids than never stop dreaming and that everything can have a second life?

NOESE team.

Mission: Give a second life to all good quality materials that are usually wasted or forgotten.

Vision: Change the way textile production remains are seen and help reduce the impact of the textile industry on the planet.

Values: Sustainability, zero waste, quality, small carbon footprint, local production.